The Restoration Agreement



Thank you for choosing Stellar Antique Auto Restorations for the restoration of your collectible automobile. It is my desire that the process of restoring your car will be an enjoyable and satisfying one.

In order to provide guidance for the process of restoring automobiles for our customers, the following policies have been developed to minimize ambiguities during the restoration.

1. Because of the comprehensive nature of the restoration process, estimates or “bids” of the total cost of a restoration project cannot be given at any time. It is most important that this be understood and accepted. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask them.

2. A $10,000.00 deposit (roughly the equivalent of one month’s labor (160 hours) at our shop rate of $65.00/hour) is required at the time of commencement of the restoration. This deposit will be applied to work performed and parts and materials consumed until it is depleted. Additional deposits will be required when the prior deposit is worked down to $500 or less. This system of placing deposits will be used throughout the course of the restoration, until the completion of work.

3. Invoices reflecting work performed and the amount of your deposit used will be sent twice monthly, mailed on or about the 1st and the 15th of the month. In the event of a balance due on your account, additional work will wait on the new deposit.    A photo record of work performed for the month will be provided at the end of each month. These digital photos will be burned to CD for you to keep.

In the event of a customer initiated “hold” on work, a $100.00 per month storage fee will be assessed until a new deposit is received.  

4. Restoration charges apply to “time and materials”. Quality, comprehensive restorations of collectible automobiles take time, and will be expensive. Time spent on projects is documented by time clock. A list of parts and materials used within the billing cycle is included on the invoice.

Invoices will include an item titled generically “Shop Supplies”, which will include such items as cleaning solvents, rags, sealant, HazMat costs, etc. These items are impossible to quantify, but are clearly related to the cost of restoration. This cost will be 1% of the labor cost of the current invoice, with the minimum charge of $5.00, and not to exceed $40.00

All parts, materials, and sublet work will be marked up a flat rate of 30% to cover transportation and administrative costs.

5. Rust repair on vehicles used as normal transportation will not be guaranteed.

6. Insurance on the vehicle while in possession of Stellar Antique Auto Restorations is the responsibility of the owner.

7. The customer may at any time remove the vehicle upon payment of all outstanding invoices. Vehicles are not released until account balances are paid in full.


Signed _______________________________, owner     ______________________ Timothy D. Bowers





Revised 9/30/13